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Achieving “Success” Through Systemic Coaching

In the last weeks, many people is asking me about systemic coaching. Here a very short article on one of my life passions.

Systemic coaching is a transformative process and a powerful tool for all business leaders who are striving to achieve “success”, understood as accomplishing the goal of helping myself and others (individuals, teams, organizations, etc.) lead a better, happier and healthier life. This approach to coaching primarily focuses on understanding the patterns and old habits that have been established in individuals, teams and organizations. By delving into the underlying consciousness of a team member, leader and organization, systemic coaching focus on the root of problems and consciously does not to chase symptoms, which can be desperately infinite. The basic principle that I defend here is that problems do not just want to be solved, they want to be understood. In this way, we ensure that they do not appear again, and therefore, the changes are transformative and sustainable. As a result, systemic coaching can quickly lead to improved wellbeing and development, better performance, and greater ROI.

The Benefits of Systemic Coaching

Systemic coaching offers many benefits to individuals, teams and all kinds of organizations that use this approach. In addition to helping individuals and teams become more self-aware, conscious and efficient as they work together to reach their goals, systemic coaching also helps foster better communication between team members, between teams, and between organizations. This creates virtuous loops, and healthier workplace environments where everyone feels comfortable speaking up about their ideas and concerns (psychological safety). Additionally, systemic coaching helps individuals identify areas where they can quickly improve their wellbeing and performance, and develop new skills that will make them more effective at their job in a sustainable manner. Thus, systemic coaching also provides opportunities for personal growth and self-leadership outside of the professional realm. By engaging in self-reflection and exploring ways to create positive change in their lives, employees can gain greater insight into themselves and learn (1) how to improve their positive states and wellbeing, and (2) how to better manage stress or negative emotions which may be influencing their wellbeing or health. This may result in lower presenteeism and absenteeism levels due to mental health issues or other factors. Finally, systemic coaching allows leaders to identify areas of improvement within the team and/or organization as a whole by looking at patterns of behavior within the company and team culture and recognizing opportunities for improvement that would benefit everyone involved inside and outside the organization (again, creating virtuous loops). In other words, systemic coaching generates ripple effects to all layers of the organization (within-individuals, dyads, groups and teams, departments, organizations, etc.).

To sum up, systemic coaching is an invaluable process and tool that can quickly help all kind of businesses (from big corporations to start-ups) reach “success” by improving awareness at the individual, team and organizational level. Among others, it increases accountability, self-esteem and self-efficacy, boosting performance and ROI, fostering better communication among team members, and gaining self-awareness for personal growth opportunities outside of work life. It is no wonder why so many CHROs, HHRR Managers, CEOs & Start-up Founders, etc., are turning towards systemic coaching as part of their journey towards “success”!

If you want to know more, or you want to experience its benefits, please leave a comment.

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