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Harness Your Inner Power through Presencing

As a leadership coach, how can we help leaders become the best version of themselves? One way is to help them discover and embrace their inner power. This is where presencing comes in. Presencing, as defined by Theory U (Otto Scharmer), is “to connect to the deepest source of yourself in the present moment”. It involves recognizing our intrinsic strengths and using them to create more meaningful and successful outcomes. In this blog post, I will discuss what presencing is, why it is important for leadership coaching, and how it can be used in coaching sessions.

What Is Presencing?

Presencing is a mindful approach that involves being fully present in the moment while also being aware of our emotions and thoughts. It requires us to take a step back from our current situation or problem and look at it from an objective perspective. This allows us to gain clarity on our goals and intentions while also gaining an understanding of how our actions might affect others. This awareness helps us to make better decisions that are based on our true values rather than on what we think others may want or expect from us.

Why Is Presencing Important for Leadership Coaching?

Presencing has been proven to be extremely effective for leadership coaching because it helps leaders become more self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses so they can make better decisions. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) considers “Maintains Presence” as one of its eight core coaching competencies which demonstrates how important this concept is in developing successful leaders. Being present allows leaders to focus on their own inner thoughts and feelings instead of worrying about external distractions or pressures. Leaders who practice presencing are able to develop stronger relationships with team members by listening more intently, providing thoughtful feedback, and giving constructive criticism when necessary.

How Can I Use Presencing in My Coaching Sessions?

Presencing can be used during coaching sessions by encouraging your clients to take timeouts throughout the session where they can reflect on what was discussed without any external distractions or pressures. During these timeouts, encourage your clients to connect with their inner selves by focusing on their breath, body sensations, and overall emotions within themselves. You can then lead them through questioning techniques such as asking them about their core values or guiding them through visualization exercises where they imagine the desired outcome for themselves before taking action towards it. By doing this, your clients will start connecting with their inner wisdom, which will help them make better decisions when faced with difficult scenarios or stressful situations in both their professional and personal lives.


As a leadership coach, it is essential that you understand the importance of presencing when helping others become successful leaders. Through presencing practices such as mindfulness techniques, visualization exercises, questioning techniques, etc., you will be able to help your clients become more self-aware so they can make better decisions that are aligned with their core values instead of just following what is expected from them by society or others around them. Ultimately, helping your clients practice presencing will allow them to unlock their true potentials, which will result in greater success for themselves as well as those around them!

If you want to know more or you want to experience the benefits of leadership coaching, please leave a comment or write me.

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