My case studies in coaching, training and consulting

1. If I change, the system changes (Coaching)

Director of a Multinational Industrial Sector is burning out (burnout syndrome).

He takes great care of his team and of his superior, but no matter how hard he works, it is never enough.

He quickly becomes aware that he is doing more than necessary with his team and with his superior. Furthermore, he realizes that he inherited this pattern from his mother.

From that position, he works to redistribute his energies freely and consciously, not automatically.

In the first few weeks, his workload balances out, his employees start to add more and more value, and his boss is quickly delighted with the changes.

His energy and mood improves at work and at home.

2. Problems do not want to be solved, they want to be understood (Coaching)

A manager from a Latin American Logistics Sector Company feels that she receives a lot of pressure from the employees and little support from the General Director.

She always deals with the most conflictive and controversial issues and she feels that no matter how hard she tries, she never manages to make everyone happy.

That is causing her self-esteem to decrease.

As she begins the coaching process, she realizes that she wears a Superwoman’s cape and clothes 24/7, and that she is gotten so used to it that she forgets to take it off after each heroism.

It is difficult for her to let go of this habit and she relates it to the need to feel important, to be seen and valued.

Once she understands that and becomes aware of where that pattern comes from, she is able to transcend it and change her daily habits to have a fuller and more balanced life.

3. There is what we pay attention to (Coaching)

An executive from a Multinational Internet Sector Corporation has had a meteoric career. In her new managerial position, she realizes again that she is already thinking about the next promotion, without hardly having had time to celebrate or enjoy the present one.

She wonders why this is happening to her all the time.

During the coaching process, she recognizes that she comes from a clan of strong women and that she is repeating what other women in her family did in the past. From that acknowledgement, she founds the peace to find her own pace.

4. If I reject what is there, I cannot get to what I want (Coaching)

A General Manager of a Tourism Sector Company feels a lot of stress every time he has to fire someone.

The days before confronting this kind of situations, he becomes very obsessed with it, as well as the days after the dismissal. This takes away a lot of energy and motivation.

In the coaching process, he explores in his day to day all the good and successful things that happen in his work, and he realizes that he unconsciously demands a perfect world all day every day. In short, he expects something unreal.

Through a gain-perspective exercise, he realizes that when he obsesses over something negative like reporting a layoff, he forgets everything else.

Since then, he manages to value everything that exists and accept things as they are.

Although he is responsible for communicating bad news, he manages to transcend his patterns of perfection and of focus only on the negative, generating a more constructive dynamic in himself and his whole team.

5. Everything is interconnected, nothing is by chance (Coaching)

A manager from a Multinational Company of the Ecommerce Sector has become part of the steering committee, and since then, she has realized that she becomes small in front of the authority.

This is causing her to participate less, to remain in the shadows.

She is angry with herself and wants to be more assertive and confrontational.

During the coaching process, she explores her beginnings and the root of what happened to her.

She manages to become aware that the pattern she now sees was conceived with his father.

With an exercise of defusion, she manages to separate the authority from her father, being able to see and recognize her colleagues and superiors for what they are, without overlapping.

After just a few weeks, her performance on the steering committee has positively transformed, receiving praise for her contributions.

In addition, the relationship with her father, now older, has dramatically improved.

6. Training in Coaching for Agile Coaches

A European company in the food sector has created an internal team of Agile Coaches to help the company’s new way of working: through teams (that is, an agile coach for each of the company’s team).

Despite the great investment, the results are not coming and the company concludes that training in coaching for its agile coaches is necessary.

Analyzing the needs of the teams, the agile coaches were offering their experience and knowledge on the matter, in specific aspects, but they did not reach the relational part or the systemic view of the entire organization and its different subsystems.

I developed a specific and comprehensive training on the eight roles of the Scrum Master, where in addition to experiential workshops, individual coaching sessions and group supervision sessions were offered.

Throughout the training, the agile coaches gained confidence in their coaching skills, and were able to test their learning from workshop to workshop.

The dynamics and performance of the teams were directly benefited by the change in these agile coaches.

7. Training in Well-being and Happiness at Work for Executives of an Insurer

An Asian insurance company has its staff under high levels of stress due to changes in the industry and with the competitors, and wants to offer training in well-being and happiness to help its managers and employees.

To do this, they propose an entirely online training.

When exploring the objectives and needs of the company, I discovered the need to work on people’s commitment and on strengthening their bonds.

Based on positive psychology and character strengths, I created an online training with gamified elements and weekly goals to increase motivation and engagement.

In the same way, coaching and peer supervision were promoted.

The results showed an improvement in the use of personal strengths, in managing difficult situations and people, and in offering constructive feedback.

8. Situational Leadership Training for an International Company in the Industrial Sector

An international company in the industrial sector has absorbed a European company. The company requires homogenizing its entire management leadership, based on the leadership and management skills model of the parent company.

The parent company had defined its five core leadership competencies based on the situational leadership model.

I developed and tailored the training specifically to the context of the newly acquired company as well as its own cultural aspects.

The training was developed through case studies, role-plays, and peer supervision, with numerous activities between the workshops in order to apply the skills to be developed.

The entire management team, including the CEO, successfully completed the training, aligning with corporate objectives.

9. Training in Systemic Leadership in a Latin American Bank

A Latin American bank wants to equip its managers with new leadership skills to adapt to the ever-evolving context, in order to serve its internal and external clients.

Exploring the expectations and needs, I proposed a systemic leadership training to enhance the systemic intelligence of managers, their skills as coach leaders, and to offer immediate tools to use with their teams.

The first part of the experiential training was based on self-knowledge and self-leadership, creating a space of psychological safety to be able to work on different aspects.

The second part focused more on applying systemic theory to a multitude of work situations, both to minimize problems and conflicts and to enhance the well-being and success of the people and teams they managed.

The training contained high emotional content at first, generating awareness of the patterns and reasons for their habits and actions.

At a competence level, the learnings were able to be applied in the space between session and session, offering positive results in the subsequent 360º evaluation.

10. Consulting on work environment, stress and burnout

A European organization in the health sector receives many complaints from its workers due to the excessive workload and stress they suffer.

The organization concludes that it cannot reduce labor demands on the workforce, and plans to increase its resources.

From the human resources department they want to carry out a positive intervention but they do not have the personnel or the knowledge to do so.

Once the most notorious symptoms in the organization had been diagnosed, I proposed an intensive two-month intervention based on positive organizational psychology, with special emphasis on belonging, collaboration and aptitude within work teams, thus promoting peer support.

During the process, new forms of work were achieved and consolidated, generating an authentic and useful work environment to deal with the demands of the context.

After the intervention, complaints from both service users and workers themselves had decreased. In addition, the work environment was more cooperative than competitive.

11. Consulting on sexual and workplace harassment

A European public organization has been sentenced for the suicide of a worker due to workplace harassment.

One of the first actions of the organization is to approve an anti-sexual and workplace harassment protocol. After ordering it from a consulting company and presenting it within the organization, the workers do not accept it and the conflicts increase notably.

The organization asks me for help to approve the protocol. After analyzing the situation, I make a different proposal.

Get rid of the purchased protocol and accompany the employees to create the protocol by themselves, through an iteration process of between 4 and 6 months.

Once the proposal is accepted, I work fortnightly with a dozen representatives of all stakeholders involved in the organization and I accompany them to draft and unanimously approve the protocol.

The result is an anti-sexual and workplace harassment protocol and new ways of working based on transformative mediation and systemic intelligence that can be generalized to any context and situation.

12. Consulting on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policies

A European startup from the Beauty sector is involved in the “Black Lives Matter” movement due to its talent recruitment, selection and retention processes, and its equality, diversity and inclusion policies.

Unexpectedly and abruptly, they receive criticism and bad comments from social networks, both from clients and ex-employees.

Shocked by the situation, they recognize their areas for improvement and commit to changing the situation.

After making the diagnosis, I propose an intervention in three successive stages:

  • In the short term, connect with the values of the company and publicly apologize to the community and to all the agents involved.
  • In the middle term, collect as much information as possible through focus group with clients and ex-employees.
  • In the long term, review and update equality, diversity and inclusion policies, as well as talent recruitment, selection and retention processes.

After helping them with the first phase, the community and agents involved started a positive and constructive communication with the company.

In the second phase, the information collected was extensive and useful for the continuous improvement of the company.

In the third, most of the suggestions and recommendations of the second phase were implemented, changing the image of the company from the inside out.

13. Abusive Leadership Consulting

A compliance committee from multinational company in the transport sector has received a complaint for abusive leadership by one of its directors through its ethics channel.

All members of the department in question support the complaint. The company, not knowing what to do, looks for the best way to resolve the situation, without taking sides for any of the parties.

Once the collaboration agreement is accepted, an exploration and diagnosis phase begins through individual and group interviews which allow establishing a relational map and a history of the events and those involved.

On the one hand, the parties agree on the existence of the facts. On the other hand, they differ in their justification, leaving the profiles of victims and perpetrators blurred and complex.

I then propose a multilevel intervention in three systems, based on the manager and his abusive leadership style, on the members of the department and their power struggles, and on the company and its talent management policies and procedures.

This entails the organization proposing changes to its talent management policies and procedures, repositioning the abusive leader while training him in several leadership skills, and legitimizing the new leader and the operating standards vis-à-vis for all members of the department.

14. Consultancy in Succession in the Family Business

An international family-owned food company encounters leadership problems after the founder leaves his position to his daughter.

She now holds the position of CEO and below she has a General Manager. However, the employees still consult the founder. Moreover, the CEO performs the duties of the General Manager.

All this is harming the organization’s climate and its economic results.

The CEO asks me for help in managing the situation upwards (with her father) and downwards (with her CEO and employees).

Diagnosing the situation within each system and the existing interdependence between them, I carry out both individual and group level interventions to align the mission and vision of the organization, make each one aware of their responsibilities and impact on the proper functioning of the whole organization, and legitimize the family succession.

The following quarter, the results have improved and the conflicts of order and hierarchy have practically disappeared.

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