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A letter of gratitude to my headhunter

Today is the last day of 2018 and it is the perfect time to write a letter of gratitude. This time to the person that 15 years ago trusted in me and gave me the opportunity to teach at the University. This person is Susana del Cerro. PhD, my headhunter, since she looked for me and allowed me to discover one of my passions in life: university education and training.

Since 2003, I have taught at the University and I can recognise that Susana opened a whole world to me. I wish I have told her several times and in several ways how grateful I am. I devoted my first book (published 10 years ago) to her “El docente novel, aprendiendo a enseñar” (https://www.octaedro.com/es/producto:Cos/1/ensenar/educacion-universitaria/el-docente-novel–aprendiendo-a-ensenar/376), and I have replied to her calls whenever she has required me.

Systemically, I have done my best to balance all what she gave me. I felt, however, that to really feel at balance, I should dedicate my trust to my students (PhD, Postgraduates, and undergraduates, etc.) so I could pass and give her wisdom to others. It has been one of my goals in the last 15 years!

Looking backwards, I learned that having the skills and the strengths is a necessary condition for success, but not enough. To be in the right place in the right moment is a key ingredient, which is fully accomplished when others foster your career. It is what my headhunter did with me. She saw in me something I was not able to see in myself, like a seed before blossoming.

The first time she invited me to teach at the university I experienced mixed feelings: kind of excitement and terror. I accepted with no hesitation and she smiled as she could envision the future. My inner voice brought me several diminishing thoughts that were overtaken by her words. I understood that I should embrace the positive and the negative, the eagerness and the fear, leading myself by virtue of this paradox (and not in spite of it).

After the end of my first-ever teaching experience at the University, I knew it! I felt in love! I understood Nelson Mandela´s words “Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world”.

Today, 31st December 2018, I offer this tribute to @Susana del Cerro. PhD, my headhunter, and by extension, to all headhunters around the wold that bring trust, confidence and a new world of opportunities to the ones they trust.

And complementarily, I open my arms to the unknown that 2019 certainly will bring. With no intention to control, but to take it as it comes, since I know by heart that “Everything is fine”. I am ready to travel purposefully toward an as-yet-unknown destination ,-D (so called “coddiwomple” in English slang).

I have finished this gratitude´s letter, and you? Do you have the will to write yours? Then, do it now! ,-D

Happy New Year to my Headhunter and to everybody with tons of love and gratitude ;-D


Jordi Escartín

Director Master in Coaching and Personal Leadership (Universitat de Barcelona), Executive & Systemic Coach, Intrapreneur

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