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Elevating Your Executive Presence: From Stage Fright to Spotlight – Insights from Organisational Psychology

This week, I facilitated a workshop on Organisational and Executive Coaching (with a systemic touch, of course 😉) at King’s College London, where I serve as a Visiting Professor of Organisational Psychology.

The participants were highly engaged, making the entire experience smooth and enjoyable. I was pleased to address many relevant questions, leading to several moments of flow that left me feeling content afterward.

While commuting by train back to Cambridge, I reflected on the experience and its numerous benefits.

It reaffirmed a belief I share with many of my clients, including startup founders, leaders, and top managers: exposing myself in front of others (customers, clients, peers, etc.), especially in contexts like public speaking, presenting, facilitating, or sharing ideas in a group or team, has significantly benefited various aspects of my personal and professional development over the last 21 years.

Here are ten areas I’ve improved through such exposure, which I hope will be helpful to you as well:

  1. Confidence: Regularly putting myself in situations where I am the focus has greatly enhanced my self-confidence. Overcoming the initial discomfort and fear of judgment (which I still feel every single time) makes me more comfortable in my own skin.
  2. Communication Skills: Exposing myself in front of others necessitates clear and effective communication. This practice constantly helps me refine how I convey my ideas, emotions, and intentions.
  3. Public Speaking Skills: One of the most direct benefits is the improvement of my public speaking abilities, including better control over my voice (louder, softer, etc.), pacing, and the use of non-verbal communication like body language (which, as you can imagine, I use a lot in my Systemic Practice).
  4. Persuasion Skills: Whether I am pitching an idea, selling a product, or simply trying to convince others of my point of view, exposure to audiences continually sharpens my ability to persuade and influence.
  5. Resilience: Facing audiences, especially critical ones (not like the one I had this week 😉), builds resilience. I’ve learned to handle rejection, criticism, and failure, making me more robust and less fearful of taking risks.
  6. Adaptability: Speaking or performing in front of varied groups has taught me to adjust my message and approach based on my audience’s feedback and reactions, enhancing my adaptability.
  7. Social Skills: These situations involve interacting with people before and/or after my presentation, improving my networking abilities and social comfort.
    Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and connecting with my audience requires me to read their reactions and emotions, thereby improving my empathy and emotional intelligence.
  8. Leadership Qualities: Being in front of others positions me as a leader or authority in my subject matter, enhancing my leadership skills and presence.
  9. Creativity: Presenting my work or ideas to others fosters my creativity. I am often pushed to think outside the box to engage my audience effectively, leading to more innovative thinking and solutions.

As we navigate our professional landscapes, the art of public speaking remains a pivotal skill, not just for conveying ideas, but for shaping our very identities as leaders and influencers. I invite you to reflect on your own journey in this realm: consider the moments that challenged you, the achievements that defined you, and the feedback that guided your growth.

Each presentation, each audience, and each question posed to us offers a unique opportunity to refine our skills, deepen our empathy, and expand our creative horizons. How has public speaking influenced your executive presence?

And more importantly, how will you leverage these insights to illuminate your path forward? Your journey, like mine, is replete with lessons that transcend the stage—it’s a continuous process of becoming, learning, and leading. Let’s embrace the spotlight, not just as a platform, but as a mirror reflecting our growth, resilience, and capacity to connect and inspire.

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