Unveiling the Power of Beginner’s Mind: Insights from a Father-Daughter Bonding Experience

Unveiling the Power of Beginner’s Mind: Insights from a Father-Daughter Bonding Experience Aquest weekend, while playing with Gaia, she suggested we start drawing and painting. I aixeu que no em trobeu a dragon i paint a dragon, i she said yes. Then, I asked her what she wanted to draw, and she pointed at me. … Llegiu més

The Power of Rituals to ignite Transformation in Systemic Coaching: Insights from a Shamanic Drum Workshop

A few days ago, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a special workshop entitled “Icaro: Drum´s Medicine” in the Catalan Countryside. During this workshop, I had the privilege of building my own shamanic drum under the guidance of a skilled master. The experience involved the full process of creation, including learning how to … Llegiu més

Reflections on Embracing Imperfection and Gratitude: Insights from a Renowned Executive Coach

  The world of executive coaching within the organizational arena is a multifaceted journey, filled with both moments of triumph and daunting challenges. As an executive coach, I have had the privilege of witnessing the profound growth and transformation of individuals who strive for excellence amidst immense burdens and obstacles. My unwavering commitment to honesty, … Llegiu més

The four magic words that will change your life. Repeat them slowly: “I don´t know”. Fifteen reasons to embrace them!

This week, I had the opportunity and the pleasure to participate in another Enterprise Tuesday at the Entrepreneurship Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School. The event, titled “Scanning horizons: A futurist mindset for innovative action”, was effortlessly chaired by professor @Stelios Kavadias. Triumphantly, @Dr Rebecca Myers invited two wonderful keynote speakers: @Rodrigo Santos and @Howard Saunders, … Llegiu més

Every stressful situation is your master if you allow it to be: Five easy to follow steps to a more peaceful mind

People do many things when they are stressed. Some of the things we do are unconscious (nail biting, nose picking, eating junk food, gorge yourself on ice cream, etc.), but in other situations, many of us focus on tasks that purposely relaxes us. Some people sew and make macramé; others solve puzzles and crossword puzzles. … Llegiu més

Achieving “Success” Through Systemic Coaching

In the last weeks, many people is asking me about systemic coaching. Here a very short article on one of my life passions. Systemic coaching is a transformative process and a powerful tool for all business leaders who are striving to achieve “success”, understood as accomplishing the goal of helping myself and others (individuals, teams, … Llegiu més